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By Ken Dirkzwager - October 07, 2016

To ensure the visibility of your website around the entire local area that your business covers, SEO is a great idea to implement in your marketing campaigns. Elite Online Media for this post would like to go through 6 basic techniques to improve your organic ranking and visibility of your website.

In older posts we’ve talked about how beneficial it is to have Local SEO as one of your action for your digital marketing strategy.


What is SEO and how it helps your site optimization?

settingsWhat SEO is willing to do for your website is help you position it properly to be visible and attractive  on search engine results pages (SERPs) and with this to rank it in the first few options in a search for specific keywords. There are two main goals this is a good action for your optimization:

  1. Creates a great, flawless user experience
  2. It communicates to the search engines what your intentions are so they can recommend your website for more relevant searches
Your website is your  digital business card, and as a team we have to guarantee a responsive platform your clients can access 24/7. It is not only about looking attractive and appealing to your users—your website must also be accessible, fast and efficient. Behind the scenes your website also needs technical enhancement, and we have to achieve a strong site architecture that helps a search engine find it and index it quickly as relevant.

To optimize your website, we first have to think the way search engines do. So what are Google and other search engines looking for in your website?

    • Relevancy: search engines provide the most relevant results based on a query. Relevant facts on your website like business location, reviews, year of establishment, experience and other factors that can help influence a great user experience.
    • Content quality: publishing helpful tips, useful articles, and specific keywords through the text, interactive videos or other media that have the possibility of becoming popular and viral also help your visibility.
    • User experience: providing an easy, accessible, navigable and legible site and also a relevant internal linking (how much links you can find within your content) for related content.
    • Site speed: your site must load quickly and easily for users to browse it and for search engines to differentiate you from your competition.
  • Responsive compatibilityseo-mobile: your website is ranked higher when it can also be accessed easily and faster from mobile and different devices
  • Internal linking: this is mostly a task from our content writers and developers, but we have to make your content relevant by pushing traffic through other articles, posts or publications inside your website. This can help provide your audience with:
    • More reading options and helps build credibility inside your site
    • Helps improve your rank with specific keywords
    • Google will index your site better when your linking is relevant

Local SEO is a strategy our team at Elite Online Media Team is willing to develop for your website’s positioning. With this you can help not only positioning in search engines, but also help users experience the most of your site and services. Get in contact with one of our agents to assist you on the best move and keywords to help you improve your local search today!


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