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By Ken Dirkzwager - September 06, 2016


mobile-resultsDo you have trouble finding something online while browsing through your phone? Find your website faster with the right optimization for mobile use! Elite Online Media has the right tools to advice you on how to have a better presence online!

On this digital era knowing how to build online marketing and publicity for your business is crucial to be contacted and hired. Here Elite Online Media is a team of online marketing experts that would like to help you build a better business; and we would take you over on the best and most effective ways to create a beyond responsive design for your websites mobile experience for users all over your local area!

Get a higher percentage of attention on your website and publicity from clients browsing through their mobile!

We would like to let you in a more technical approach on how to design your website for your online marketing! Basic web design works under a series of codifications and specific languages fabricated to define the layout and structure that your website is presented. For this we use HTML and CSS. HTML is a language used for structure content for your website, while CSS is used for formatting structure content.


codigo-cssFor your website CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is language that takes over your page’s colors, margins, fonts, heights, backgrounds, images and positions and more! So what is responsive and how does it work on your website?

A responsive design is roughly translated to an adaptable technique that your website carries once its developed by your geek team. A website its responsive when it’s capable of adapting to the different screen of the devices you carry like your phone, tablet, laptop and more.

As a team we are capable of providing the right coding for responsive web design by resizing your website and inputting different elements in order to adapt on the different screen sizes  and visualization on different devices. A responsive design is characterized due to the layouts, content, images and fluid coding from CSS media queries.


A responsive design for your website is based upon:

  • Fluid layouts, content and images adaptable for all screen sizes
  • Avoids duplicates in your content
  • Increases the chances of going viral! More people can access your website
  • Reducing the time of web development to a minimum!

Did you know that most search engines like Google work faster to find websites to get users what they ask for in a faster time. And usually now a days we contact, and search for services through our mobile’s browser. Give your potential clients’ a better user experience while on your website!

How to make your website optimized for fast web viewing?

Creating a mobile-friendly website that suits the coding that most search engines use opens up a wider range of reach to more potential customers. But how can we do this? Consumer behavior is key to tweak and enhance your overall website to respond and fill your customers expectations on mobile mindset. Here are a couple of tips aside a responsive coding, our team is also able to assist you with when making your website a more responsive one:

  • Full text and long contact forms are probable useless for mobile experience
  • Interaction is crucial for friendly response and lead
  • Infographics that seize information in a better way
  • Mobile friendly buttons and call to actions
  • We use large and text that is easy to read
  • Simple and modern layouts that attract your clients
  • Clear images that load easily from your mobile


As a team Elite Online Media is here to take your website to another level of positioning in a local Google search. We seize intent micro moments when your potential customers browse through the net and find the right keywords to find you. We incite through your website and ads to call for action to most of your potential customers.

Contact us soon for more information for a lead on how to make your website a more responsive one. Keep coming back for more information or leave us a comment for any question you have on our online marketing services!


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