Why to choose an SEO strategy for your business online?

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By Ken Dirkzwager - February 07, 2017

Now that the year has finally settled in, are you searching for a way to position your business online? Try to find a way that is cost effective and that works in synch with your social media status with us!

Adwords and SEO are the two main elements that will help take your business to another level online. They are defined as most valuable tools for search engine marketing that you can have available now a days. Elite Online Media is a team that is dedicated to bringing you smart solutions to help your business grow fully.

Have you ever wondered what your competition is doing? To keep up your business in today’s demanding market, you have to guarantee a channel of promoting your business, as well as creating a line for connecting and interacting with your potential customers.

SEO isn’t a cost but an investment for your business online

Do you know what SEO means? Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that deals with you getting a better ranking on search engine result pages of Yahoo!, Bing, and most importantly Google. SEO is guaranteeing that your website and online presentation is search engine friendly.

Lets face it, in today’s world our customers search for things through their mobile, and its up to us to be able to appear on those search results by optimizing our websites.

Optimizing your website means that it will be maintained and groomed to be indexed by a search engine like Google on its top searches for products or services that resemble yours. Here is little of the entire optimization process that your pages has to go through in order to be SEO friendly:

  • The site needs to be mobile friendly
  • Your images need to have optimization
  • The speed of your website loading needs to be fast
  • Guarantee page titles and description
  • Each page needs to have a unique page title
  • Be brief and descriptive (meta tag)
  • Your content needs to be king!
  • Help the user understand what the page is about
  • Create a permanent link structure on page titles
  • Needs to have internal linking

Although these are a few of the guidelines that we use to proceed with an SEO strategy, They all constitute a very important step to settling you on top of the competition on an online search.

But why is SEO the spotlight you need to catch? Simple. It draws attention to your website!

If you think about it, the reason of why you have a website its because you need a presentation card and online image to present to your potential and existing customers. It is a channel that is open 24/7, 365 days a year! It pulls sales, and leads on a daily basis, it only needs to be groomed and maintained to be kept efficient for your marketing strategies.

Draw attention to your website through optimizing its entire structure with us!

SEO is never too costly for your business online

If we’d have to compare to the different methods available for your business to show up online we would get as mentioned before pay per click advertising, and organic search engine optimization. If you aren’t familiar with SEM (Search Engine Marketing), make sure to check our recent post about advertising with Google AdWords.

If we would have to compare them both, here is a short list of how SEO might work better for your online marketing strategy:

  • Adwords works for Google sites, while SEO principles are applicable for any search engine
  • Traffic drawn by Adwords is paid in comparison to SEOs traffic, which is free
  • With SEO you have to work harder on your website to position your page on the top results
  • With Adwords you instantly appear (under certain conditions) on top and bottom results
  • When pausing an Adwords campaign your traffic also stops, but with SEO once you start getting organic traffic, this will only continue to increase in the long term

Although the biggest advantage that Adwords has over SEO is that it can generate results faster, there are many things that you shouldn’t just dismiss from the latter. Since it is an alternative that is never too costly.

It is an investment! Our team is ready to help you have a pre-analysis over keyword search that can help you choose between a PPC campaign or an organic search engine strategy. If through this study you conclude that your target market is big enough that it can attract a higher volume, then the competition is weak enough for you to put up a fight and win.

But what exactly should you be investing upon? Check out our budgeting analysis for small business here. We need to make sure that this type of strategy can multiply the impact you can have in your target market.

How much do your brochures and flyers have cost you? We can bet that is was more than your settling fee with our professionals to start creating your website. Through these we can ensure you that our agents, and developers will proof read all marketing tools so that your website is launched efficiently.

Social Media and SEO for your online presence

Did you know that now the number one interaction and engagement channel between your potential customers and you is your Facebook page? Here is a crucial tool that SEO works to its advantage, it works in synch with your social media pages so that your content is actually being shared on live time.

Your social networks are linked to your website and the routine posting that you have to do to keep your website up to date. Our agents are capable of offering you a package that includes the management of your social media feeds:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

We are capable of collaborating with you to create a marketing channel that also serves for communication with your visitors and clients. Through this SEO strategy you have control of what people read, and do on your social media pages.

Start spreading your services through your online presence!

There are so many advantages that you can have through SEO strategy that make your website become the first point of contact with your audience. Start creating leads, identifying prospect, and attract new clients today!

Elite Online Media is a team of qualified experts that are willing to go the extra mile to assist you on any strategy that you choose to take your business online. From the creating of your corporate logo, to adjusting your slideshow display, our team is ready to help you with flexible fees to fit your budget.



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