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By Ken Dirkzwager - April 28, 2016

Lately, many clients have been asking us if it’s better to have a Facebook page or a website.  It is very common for small businesses to have a Facebook page instead of a website, but is this good or bad? Here are the pros and cons for both online presence strategies.

Facebook Pros:

  • Fast: Fast to build.
  • Affordable: It’s FREE.
  • Popular: Many people use it.
  • Precision targeting in ads: Focused targets like name, age, gender, interests, and location.

Facebook Cons:

  • Poor and limited design: Same design for all Facebook Pages.
  • Poor reporting tool: No deep info on visitors.
  • No Ownership: You DO NOT OWN the page and Facebook manages what you may publish or what not.
  • Huge amount of spam and fake profiles: Up to 11% of worldwide Facebook profiles are fake.
  • Not exclusive: Just about anyone can have a Facebook page, which doesn’t give your business credibility.
  • No originality: Cannot design on its structure; One structure for everybody.
  • Insights: gives you JUST GENERAL information about your page.

Website Pros:

  • Builds Trust: Studies show that websites build trust from your clients.
  • Builds Credibility: Studies show that websites build credibility for your business.
  • Exclusive design: You have the opportunity to have a unique design.
  • 100% ownership: You own the page and there are no restrictions from third parties.
  • Detailed reporting tool through Google analytics: You can see that detailed stats that will help you improve your website.
  • Available 24/7: It will be available 24/7. No third party has the legal ability to take it down.
  • Owned by you: The platform is 100% yours.
  • SEO capability: You website is compatible with organic searches in every search engine.

Website Cons:

  • Technical: You need to have high computer knowledge to build and manage your own website.
  • Marketing effort: It takes investment to drive high volume of traffic to website.
  • Maintenance: There is usually a cost for maintenance.

To conclude, a website is way more powerful than a Facebook Page, but a Facebook page is also very important.  Your website has almost all the advantages that a Facebook page presents to you but additionally it has more pros.  Many people don’t like the idea of being limited to what Facebook allows for you to post and are not happy about the fact that you DON’T own your Facebook Page.  By the way, with Elite Online Media you don’t have to worry about two disadvantages of a website because we have free maintenance and we take care of the technical part of your website. We conclude that it is more important to have a website but that it needs to be supported in conjunction with a Facebook Page. We encourage you to have both!


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