Should I hire a Web Design Company or do it on My Own?

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By Ken Dirkzwager - November 16, 2015

Many business owners ask themselves, “why should I hire a web designer, If I can create a website on my own through website builders for less than $50 dollars?” And the answer is quite simple. It is true, you would obtain a much cheaper website but later you will realize that without a professional web designer’s assistance your website won’t obtain the proper online presence and your website won’t be producing conversions based on two reasons:

design1 | Your website’s appearance is what captures your audience’s attention.

Website Builders offer nice templates with a pretty decent structure, but a website designer can create a unique design to distinguish your company from the competition; that way when someone encounters your website, they will have the best experience possible and ultimately leading to contact you.

What good is a website that can’t meet your basic company needs?


2 | Once you have captured the audience’s attention, the real work begins. You want to take them from audience to client.

You have to have your website’s objectives very clear. An expert analyzes your website and prepares an effective strategy for your company’s website. Once the analysis has been completed, the professional will proceed to using the adequate tools and modern technology to bring you one step closer to your potential clientele. A web Designer can develop a structure and internal coding that will eventually allow for you to be found in popular search engines like Google, a lot faster and easier. Not to mention how it’ll be easier to see your website on any device like a cellphone, tablet, computer, or any other device where a search is performed.

The most important thing to acknowledge is the easy access in which a client can contact you through your website. They can easily send you a message asking for a for an estimate, they can make a free call by just the click of a button, and even hire your services without a hassle.

Now that you know all of this, let me ask a simple question; should you hire a web design company or do it on your own through a website builder?


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