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By Ken Dirkzwager - November 04, 2015

Last week we spoke about how it is incredibly important for your business to establish online presence or you potentially miss out on business opportunities.

We made mention though, that in order for you to meet your desired goal as a business and online marketer there are measures that need to be taken into consideration. You can’t expect multiple clients or conversions to form only because a website exists. You need to draw up game plans and tactics that get you the leads and clients you need.

The million dollar question is, “What does my website require for it to generate traffic and gain conversions?” and well, to target the desired audience, there are two strategies that you ought to consider: PPC campaign (Pay per clicks) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Through the use of either method, you can get your website to the top of the ranks on search engines; leading up to achieving the number of conversions that you have worked for.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

websites-seoWhy is SEO so crucial for your business? The benefits of using an SEO strategy are vast; amongst those benefits you will see an increase in traffic and return on investments. The end goal of any marketing strategy is for you to make more sales, and with SEO you build branding, credibility, attract traffic and you climb to the top of the rankings on search engines. If you want to propel your brand and business to the top of the charts and finally see some conversions occur, a great SEO strategy will take you there.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

websites-semIf your goal is to target a consumer at a specific time, place, or with a specific ad, pay per click will get things done. Through PPC you see results fairly quickly and you even get feedback on other marketing channels. If a keyword is not effective, or if a keyword is converting well, PPC can tell you. PPC plays a major role in increasing website traffic and boosting conversion rates.

With SEO or PPC you will get to the highest ranking in popular search engines, obtain frequent visitors, and consequently receive conversions. You can sit there in hopes that your website will be seen by potential consumers or you can work so that you not only gain visitors, but gain clients.

Do more than just being present online, take your website to the next level with SEO or PPC.


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