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By Ken Dirkzwager - September 27, 2016

Generating more clients, therefore more incomes for a business it’s key to stay on top of the competition and drive a thriving business. How can we do this? Elite Online Media is a team that specializes in digital strategy and digital marketing; let us lead you through a couple of guidelines to improve the way you reach your goals.

Say you want to get 50% more clients than last year during this season, your digital marketing strategy can put into action a series of tasks to help you accomplish those numbers!

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Publicity and advertising is crucial to create new channels of promotion and although creating and simplifying the term strategy to online tasks might seem simple, there comes a time it can become difficult to distinguish between your digital strategy and your digital marketing campaigns. What is the difference?

Your digital strategy is the series of actions to reach your marketing goal; while your digital marketing campaign is every action you take within your strategy to meet your goal. Elite Online Media is here to make it much easier when offering you digital marketing packages like Local SEO, Google AdWords and the most basic and most important Web Development.

But to take your business to a higher level of income by meeting your business objectives, there are a couple of things you should think about your marketing campaign. It is very important for you to understand and meet your clients to create a deeper construction of your strategy. Knowing who your clients are can guarantee a more targeted publicity and business objectives!

How to create a profile of your customers?

Deciding to run an online marketing campaign with, let’s say Google AdWords, might be in the need of specific keywords that catches the attention of your clients and identifies your product and services. For a more detailed strategy get to know your clients by creating a general profile of who chooses your products and services:

  • Age: It is a relevant fact to know your general customers age to target your campaign on digital platforms better. Therefore you will be spending age targeting wisely.
  • Location: You can use online web tools like Google Analytics with our team to identify from what location your customers are contacting you and where you have the most traffic to aim for those locations.
  • Income: Although it is sensitive information, it is a cue on how much to invest in marketing campaigns and how much your customers can spend in your services.
  • Goals: Create objectives and goals your service was created to solve, what do your customers want to accomplish when contacting your team.
  • Challenges: what type of challenge and obstacle your service and product is willing to solve for your clients.
  • Interests: Know your customers to an emotional level! Create solid partnerships and business relationships knowing exactly what drives your customers to choose your company, with this you can throw detailed coupons and targeted discounts.

The first two as you noticed are purely demographic features to add to your profile, while the last three are things you can dig deeper to who your customers are to an emotional way. This is a business wise strategy that goes along the lines for Neuromarketing and how affecting your clients emotionally (through special birthday coupons, discounts and other ideas) create stronger business relationships.

Taking this information to ensure that your digital marketing strategy and campaigns are correct is essential to keep your business afloat. Your goal should always be tied to fundamental goals of business, in a simple example: if your goal is to reach for 20% income through online revenue, then our goal is to generate 50% more website visitors than the latter period.

Here is a simple list of business planning tasks you can take into consideration having once you decide to create an online business strategy:

  • Get a clear view of your buyers and clients
  • Create marketing specific goals
  • Plan your actions to follow your marketing goals
  • Have complete control of your existing budget for owned and paid advertising

By the end of this process you can have a clear idea of what a digital marketing strategy and how it must be connected to all your business strategies. Elite Online Media’s only concerned and mission is to create a series of actions to build your online success and positioning. Our team specializes to plan and create digital marketing campaigns to help your business grow and prosper.

If you have any specific questions about how to take your business one step ahead, contact us through our websites’ form or call us today! Our customer service team is ready to take your call and start creating effective channels of your company.


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