Steps for Choosing the Best Web Domain for your Business

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By Ken Dirkzwager - June 07, 2017

Have you ever come across a website with a really long domain? Or, have you ever had a hard time writing a domain comfortably? There are some important things you must consider before selecting the right domain name. In this article, we will review some steps to choose the best domain possible for your company’s website.

Steps to choose an excellent web domain for businesses:


Choose a domain that is easy to write. It’s an awful idea to use unprofessional vocabulary, slang terms, or informal abbreviations. 


Using short domains is recommended given that they make it easier and more comfortable to write. 

Most clients don’t have the time or the patience to write domains that are too lengthy. Moreover, you must remember that some clients may not have a 100% healthy sight. If that’s the case, they will try to type a long domain, but might end up misspelling it. A good rule of thumb is the shorter, the better.


It is highly recommended to use keywords that describe the services you offer.

Incorrect Domain: 

Correct Domain: 

Correct Domain: 

In this case, the incorrect domain doesn’t hint the services that this business offers. We advise that you choose a domain by which clients can imply the services you offer.


Include your area or location

It is always a good idea to include the area in which you offer your services. Ideally, a specific location such as the state or the city is the best choice. However, you shouldn’t forget the previous steps.

Incorrect Domain: 

Correct Domain: 

Correct Domain: 


Make it catchy and original

Yes. You just read that. A catchy and original domain will be easy to remember. Plus, chances are that it will be browsed more often.


Choose the extension wisely

Domain extensions are suffixes placed at the end of the domain. A few widely known examples are “.com” and “.net.” These suffixes have the main purpose of giving an indication of what a certain website offers. The most demanded and recommended extension is .com, especially for businesses. However, there are many extensions for more specific purposes.

.com: It means commercial. It’s the most demanded and globally used extension. Example:

.co: It’s an abbreviation for company, commerce, or community. Example:

.info: It’s used for merely informative websites. Example:

.net: It’s an abbreviation for network. It’s mostly associated to companies related to technology and information systems. Example:

.org: It means organization. This extension is commonly used for NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) and non-profits. Example:

.biz: It comes from the phonetic spelling of the first syllable of business. It’s commonly used for domains to be used by businesses or e-commerce websites. Example:

.me: It’s used for personal websites, professional resumes, and blogs. Example:


We highly recommend taking into account all these steps before choosing a web domain. If you feel that your company’s current web domain is not helping your business, we advise you to call Elite Online Media to change it for a better one. Remember, a web domain can mark the difference between having a successful and an unsuccessful website.


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