Elite Plus: Your One-Stop Business Management Solution

Elevate and simplify your business operations in the digital age with our comprehensive platform.

How Many Opportunities are Slipping Through Due to a Lack of Unified Business Software?

  • Still keeping client records in a manual diary?
  • Embracing online payments yet?
  • Clued up on managing your business’s online reputation?

We have a multifunctional platform to automate your business.

Elite Plus: Automating &
Your Business

  1. Manage clients and leads with a sophisticated CRM.
  2. Centralize new and existing contacts in one intuitive system.
  3. Carve out sales opportunities and efficient workflows.
  4. Nurture leads and transform them into loyal customers.
  5. Get insights with ad reporting via a clear dashboard.
  6. Spot business opportunities, track conversion rates, and monitor both missed and received calls.
  7. Efficiently manage your appointment calendar for estimates and business closures.
  8. Harness the power of a comprehensive platform for a streamlined business administration, maximizing benefits.

Elevate Online Payment Management

  • Design personalized invoices reflecting your brand.
  • Dispatch invoices and estimates via Email or SMS.
  • Schedule recurring invoice deliveries for your clients.
  • Empower your clients with seamless debit or credit card transfers.

Maximize Productivity with Elite Strategies

Our aim? Empower your business, optimizing productivity levels.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Website & Social Media

  • Access multi-channel messaging.
  • Connect and post across all your social platforms concurrently.
  • Fine-tune your social ad campaign results from one unified platform.

Shape Your Business’s Online Reputation

  • Boost your brand’s digital footprint and prestige.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with proactive strategies.
  • Automate and schedule review requests from your clientele.
  • Personalize your review solicitation messages.

We Aspire to Be Your Strategic Partner, Guiding Your Business's Ascendancy

Our faith in the potential of Hispanic businesses in the U.S is unwavering. Over the years, we’ve championed numerous enterprises, aiding them in amplifying their digital presence, increasing revenue streams, and ensuring their sustainable and profitable growth.