5 Major Reasons Why Your Website Should be Mobile Friendly

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By Ken Dirkzwager - April 14, 2015

1 It’s more important than ever!

According to recent studies, 64% of the population now use mobile devices to access the internet. 2 out of 3 people now complete searches using their mobile devices. Whether it’s to look up the nearest bakery, or the local gym, people of all ages rather find immediate results on their phones than to go on their desktops.

2 Google URGES Business Owners to become Mobile Friendly.

On February 26, 2015 Google released a statement in which it declared that as of April 21, 2015 mobile friendly websites would rank higher in Google search engines as opposed to non mobile friendly websites. This change will affect the internet world wide. It is a risky chance webmasters take by not having a mobile friendly website.

3 It converts Site Visitors into Potential Customers.

73% of website visitors opt for a mobile friendly website that is easy to use, and has a web design that is screen adaptable.

Furthermore, there are higher chances for the visitor to call your company directly after viewing your site, since they are already on their mobiles. If the website viewer is pleased with your site, surveys suggest an additional 73% of website visitors take action, and call the company immediately.

Fun Fact: Zooming in to read various website texts is agonizing! 61% of people will abandon a site if it requires zooming in and out.

4 Click To Call Features and MORE.

Like mentioned prior, surveys suggest immediate results when a website is mobile friendly. With just the click of a button, customers can call you, and inquire further information, or to even pursue doing business with your company. Mobile Friendly websites contain features that benefit you as a business. From mobile maps to encouraging reviews, these features are an asset to mobile friendly websites.

5 The Majority Of People Fail To Realize The Quantity Of Smart Phone Users That Exist World Wide.

It has been said that approximately there will be 2 billion smart phone users by 2016. Think how many customers you are letting slip between your fingers by not being Mobile Friendly! Most people would rather be in the comfort of their bed and look things up online from their smart phones than to have to go sit by their regular desktop. As business owners, it is crucial to think like the customer. That’s the number one rule to succeeding in business!

Fun Fact: 47% of people say they become upset when they can’t call a business directly, which ultimately lead them to take their business elsewhere.


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