Marketing 101: Taking your Business Online

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By Ken Dirkzwager - August 16, 2016

There is no denying how technology and the internet have taken the world by storm- everybody uses it.  In current times, the great majority of the population gets their information online and it is only logical to start using the power of the internet to your advantage, by using it as your marketing tool.  Any marketing professional will agree that the best method for business success is to take your business online. Taking your business online is a genius move as the internet is here to stay.

Though many are skeptical about this whole new world of marketing, taking your business online allows for potential consumers to be reached and for less money than traditional marketing demands. Truth be told, online marketing is so crucial to the success of a business- let us demonstrate how.

Improve Brand Image

When you take your business online you increase product awareness. When potential buyers and consumers browse the internet, the encounter your business name or logo hence the interest for what you offer, increases. Online marketing allows online branding.

seo-header-1Traffic Increases

There are many ways to direct traffic onto your website, like using social media for example. With directing traffic to your site, the likelihood of generating sales and producing interest for your services and products, escalates.

Saves you Money

Contrary to popular belief, online marketing is actually a lot more affordable than other marketing strategies. This method of advertisement is minimal costs when compared to other marketing forms such as traditional marketing. Check out our latest article of the advantages and disadvantages of Traditional and Online Marketing.

Sales Increase for your Business

When you give potential buyers the chance to order online, or you provide them with a number to reach you versus having to drive all the way to your location, the sale opportunity increases. Down the line you get a return on your investments as your sales begin to skyrocket because of an effective online marketing strategy.

Availability to Clients

Imagine being able to advertise your products and services 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week- sounds great doesn’t it? Though fast food chains, gas stations, and some grocery stores offer that availability, other smaller business can’t afford that luxury and that is where the internet comes in handy. A crucial benefit of taking your business online is how prospects can view your products and place orders at any time of the day- even on holidays. Picture the great results that can occur for your business through 24/7 availability via the internet.

Business Credibility

When you take your business online you give the consumer the confidence needed to entrust in the service and product you offer. Your website can easily show a series of testimonials, certifications, completed work, and more and through this method you gain credibility as a business and more people will be interested in your service.

Communication with Consumers

Through online marketing, keeping contact with potential buyers is given. You can create opportunities for the client to reach you via email or phone calls. On another note, newsletters keep consumers interested even if they have already done business with your prior, and this can only happen when one gives the consumer a chance to subscribe through a website.

As a business you always have to have a plan and a great marketing strategy to see return on investments. Online marketing opens the doors towards a booming business- so what are you waiting for? Take your business online! Elite Online Media can help you get started on website development.


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