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By Ken Dirkzwager - January 06, 2017

If you have a small business and you have designated a budget for your online marketing investment, chances are you are on the success road.

Elite Online Media is a qualified team that is ready to go the extra mile and advice you on the best alternatives you have to suit your marketing plan. A smart budget is one of the most important things you can do for a company. So we keep asking our customers, why are small businesses so afraid of it?

If for this new year you are planning to obtain more clients, bigger projects, and advertise your budget in a profitable way this is a post you should read. As professionals in the marketing business with years of experience, we sometimes wonder how there are small companies that run without an assertive marketing budget?

Creating a smart and assertive budget is now much easier with the of resources online, and if you’d like with our professional guidance to provide you the right alternatives.

Before we’ve talked about how to advertise your business online with a small budget, but for this post we bring you a couple of questions to ask yourself to know what to invest next for your online presence.

Questions for online budgeting start-up!

What is it that you need for your business? Do you need more sales, leads, advertising or brand awareness? For example, if you are looking to generate immediate leads and you choose an SEO campaign, you are probably on the wrong direction. Creating a rapid set of leads might work better with a Google AdWords campaign.

What are you currently investing on? If you are running a successful business you are probably investing either on brand awareness, or paying to obtain more leads and both are costing your business money, as are any other marketing strategies you’d like to implement.

Commonly there is a rule for small business is to invest their marketing efforts based on their selling percentages. For this you should take into account these four factors:


  • Your annual revenue
  • Your business type
  • The percentage of annual revenue generated online
  • Timely based budget

How do I minimize online marketing risk? A marketing journey should involve risk taking and you should be related to A/B testing and how it minimizes your online advertising risk. There are many ways to minimizing this risk, and the top is to work with someone who is highly experienced, and can provide you a positive ROI.

We understand that investing on online marketing might sound risky, but there are many alternatives you have on a low cost budget. One of the most popular services we have is Video Marketing, so get in touch with our team right now and let us help you take your online presence a step further.

Call us right now and let us provide you with a FREE estimate or diagnosis for your next online marketing strategy. Elite Online Media is the team you should call!


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